About us

 Shri Ramsharnam, A Prayer and Meditation Center, Toronto, Canada. The facility was formally established in 1983 about 30 years ago to propagate the divine Ram Naam in North America, and it is diligently carrying out the arduous task it had undertaken ever since. We hold the service every Sunday for the devotees of Ram Naam regardless of the Shri Ramsharnam facility where they had received initiation into the holy Naam. At Shri Ramsharnam (Toronto), we are extremely fortunate to have devotees attending the facility, who are or had been associated with Shri Ramsharnam facilities at Lajpat Nagar (New Delhi), Panipat, Gohana, Amritsar, Bombay and various other points; they had coalesced to set up Shri Ramsharnam, A Prayer and Meditation Center, Toronto, Canada, and devoted themselves to the cause of Divine Ram Naam. As an organization our sole loyalty is towards the Divine Ram Naam, and dedication to Swami Satyanandji Maharaj's teaching

 For any society to stay alive and be vibrant in this world, it is imperative that not only it upholds its spiritual and moral values, it also upgrades them continuously and passes them on to its fledgling generations. In that context, the religious places occupy a special place in society and their role in serving and bettering the community cannot be emphasized enough. Also, since the beginning of time, we as individuals, have been endeavoring to achieve the primary objective of our mortal existence, i.e., peace and inner purity leading to liberation and union with the Eternal. The houses of worship provide us with the facility, ambience and the other necessary tools to harness our limited existence towards that end. We, the devotees of Ram Naam are eternally indebted to Rishivar Satyanand Ji Maharaj, the founder of Shri Ramsharnam, who had descended upon this earth with the sole objective of spiritually uplifting the debased human souls through Ram Naam. Rishivar was the phenomenon that catalyzed the Hindu society in India and the rest of the world, especially Canada and the US for very many decades.

 The major influx of Hindus into Canada and the US took place in the late sixties and early seventies. Since their arrival in North America, in the absence of the places of worship of their own, they improvised by using various other facilities, such as, the community centers, libraries and the homes of devotees to conduct their religious activities. The devotees of Ram Naam got together primarily on the weekends and sang Swami Satyanand Ji’s Amrit-Vani and glories to the Lord. Nevertheless, the necessity of having a temple where they could gather and render services to the Lord in accordance with their beliefs and rituals, constantly weighed heavily on their minds. As the numbers grew, so did the intensity of their desire to have a prayer hall of their own. By mid seventies some committed localized groups of devotees emerged in the various cities of Canada and the US and started to explore avenues that could help them set up some sort of a common prayer halls away from their living quarters. However, little did they know that in the divine scheme of things, events were unfolding somewhere else as well.